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Interstate Tyres

The Interstate Tires are being produced with the newest technologies, compounds and tread patterns. All tyres are first quality and are E-marked, ISO certified, ETRTO, TüV and DOT approved.

INTERSTATE TIRES quality standards:

  • ISO-9001; International Standards Organisation
  • DOT; Department Of Transportation (U.S.A.)
  • E-Mark / E4; European approval
  • EC; Tire Road Emission-sound Approval
  • C.C.C.; China Compulsory Product Certification
  • S symbol EU sound approval
  • GSO / GCC Conformity Certificate
  • ISST low noise technology

Touring IST-1

The Touring is a modern directional passenger car tire, available in all popular OE sizes. The directional pattern is designed to disperse water from the heart of the contact patch to help prevent aquaplaning in wet weather conditions, as well as cornering stability. It is made by special tri-polymer silica tread compound for optimize wet and dry grip and exceptional handling in these conditions. All tread elements are sequentially positioned for optimum reduction in noise generation. The Touring is available in S,T,H and V speed ratings.


The Sport IXT - 1 is an Ultra High performance tire for enthusiastic drivers. It provides incredible road holding in al conditions, especially in wet, thanks to the special performance compound and tread pattern. In addition, the V-shaped grooves in the tread pump water away and allow the rubber to grip on the road. Other features such as the newly designed and patented flange protector protects alloy rims from accidental curb damage. The central rib of the tread pattern provides directional stability and rapid steering response. Also, the shoulder blocks are designed for maximum lateral stability and sweeping elements promote excellent wet and dry handling characteristics. These blocks are bounded by circumferential groves which allows the tire to give you a better grip while being quieter and longer lasting as well. Whilst practical, these design elements also make the tire looks spectacular on every car. The Sport IXT-1 is available in sizes from 14 to 20-inch (V ,W and Y speed ratings).


A High Performance SUV tyre for modern SUV’s and on-road performance. The tread design provides superior traction and handling on dry and wet roads, while the double steel belted construction provides long lasting wear and uniformity. The large circumferential rib provides stability, and the special ISST noise technology reduces the noise levels and increases the comfort. Large shoulder blocks engineered for lateral grip and enhanced steering response. The unique rim protector provides extra protection for large rims.

VanIVT 2

This tyre is designed especially for the new generation vans, combining high mileage with superior driving comfort. Its wide tread design increases load-carrying capacity and improves grip on wet roads. The ISST low noise technology reduces noise level and increases a durable performance for intensive commercial use, consistent wear and resistance to aquaplaning make this tire an excellent allround choice.

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